My name is Anna and I was born in Czech Republic which is really small country in Europe. I created this place for people, who love fashion as much as I do. For fashionable people and for those, who are themselves in every circumstance. When I was 18 I understand that my passion is beauty and fashion and I would like to pay attention to this industry. My dream is to work for some fashion magazine, write articles about fashion and beauty, go to fashion weeks and write reviews about them, get into the showrooms and be a full part of the fashion world.

The name of the blog ElleCityChocolate was invented by my loving friend Jana (and name was created by merging our fav things), with whom we had a common tumblr. Later I relocated to blogspot, because I think it can be fun.

Thanks for reading my blog, and I hope we will maintain our relationship in the future,

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lovely Prague (this is not my photo - source)


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